Well so it’s been two years since my NAS cannot connect to the network anymore, the Buffalo support was useless and the NAS is pretty much a brick by now.

The two drives are working perfectly so I decided to make a backup out of them however the raid system Buffalo uses is something that you can’t access even with a SLAX (USB linux) so after digging for a while, found a great utility called “ReclaiMe Pro”.

You can find it over at: https://pastebin.com/hbDy1kCb

ReclaiMe Pro Build 1872 is perfect for our purposes.


Connect one of your Raid Hard Drives to your computer (Via Sata USB adapter or to the Sata port of your computer’s Hard Drive Bay)

Scan the drives (select Proceed to list all your connected Drives):

After the drives are listed, select your MD Raid disk and click on Start Scan:

On the Start Scan Settings, select the templates NAS filesystems

Then click on Start

The program will do a quick scan of everything in your drive, after that is done you can select the files you want to recover and then click START COPYING:

This will copy the selected files to a folder on your computer’s drive and therefore backup everything you selected on your RAID drive.

Good luck!

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