Solution for “Trouble adding new account” with thunderbird.

If you’re getting the message “Trouble adding new account” when you try to setup your new email account with thunderbird, the problem might lie on the appdata folder having the account you tried to setup already there but with non functioning settings, therefore when thunderbird tries to add that account (even if it’s not displaying on your account list) it thinks that the account is already there.

The solution is to remove the account folder from the appdata path for thunderbird.

  1. Go to START/RUN and write %appdata%
  2. Once in your appdata folder, go to “AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\”
  3. At profiles look for for the folder that contains this folder “ImapMail”
Open Imap Mail

4. Open ImapMail and delete the folder and .msf files that have your accountname in it. Example “” and “”

5. Restart thunderbird and try to register the account again with the proper settings.