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WP How to fix “Error establishing a database connection”

If you get the following error "Error establishing a database connection" Modify your wp-config.php and add the following line:define('WP_ALLOW_REPAIR', true);Reload your website, usually...

Nextcloud change server URL on PC Client

Changing the server address in ~.local/share/data/Nextcloud/nextcloud.cfg on Linux & UserAppDataLocalNextcloudnextcloud.cfg on Windows Close nextcloud clientSearch the...

ublock filter facebook first ad

Figured out that facebook uses two different div's generator for the first sponsored ad and the subsequent on the timeline.

Quill to Maya to RS

Export de Quill como FBXImport FBX en Maya 2015+Cargar Vertex Shader en HypershadeAsignar a todos los objetos PolyOcultar Nurbs ObjectsActivar Hardware 2.0Duplicar Vertex Shader quitando el...

CINEMA 4D Can’t Start “libmmd.dll” Windows 7

Download and install x64 version of

Leonardo Covarrubias CGFX Shaders

Para los que han visto el tutorial de Toon Rendering, Leo ha hecho un release en git para los shaders CGFX que usamos. Aquí el tutorial: Realtime toon Rendering in Maya

Texturas a 8K gratuitas PBR

Tutorial 10 minutes to better painting Marco Bucci

Merging Shapes Visual Language Digital Brushwork Good Shapes Colour Harmony

StudioLibrary error al instalar en mac

Al correr el studiolibrary en maya para mac, en lugar de poner: import studiolibrary studiolibrary.main() Con lowercase, cambiar la "L" a uppercase: import studioLibrary studioLibrary.main()
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