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360° skull database References for artists, animal skull database with 360° photos

Thumbnails for Mov Mkv Avi

If the thumbnails are not showing up on Explorer for Mov, Mkv, Avi, Mpeg, etc... there's a quick fix: Download Icaros 3.1.1

Nextcloud + Adobe Premiere Not reading folder

In case your folder is not showing up on Adobe Premiere: Right click on your root nextcloud folder on windows explorerOn properties, return...

Toei Animation Digital Exposure Sheet

HOW TO USE: Download here

Bloquea llamadas de spam con variables numéricas

Bloquea las llamadas de spam usando variables Por ej 558976* (Al poner el asterisco abarcas a todos los números que puedan generar de manera...

HP Z420 USB 3 suddenly not working

Here's how to solve the USB3 not being detected (Front or Rear ports) on HP's Z420 Make sure the ports are powering any device...

Burn In Subtitles (.srt) into a video.

Download Handbrake your video file into HandbrakeGo to the tab "Subtitles"Add the .srt fileSelect Burn-In optionConvert

Oculus 1.39 Update locks you out on Windows 7

If you're having issues starting oculus on windows 7 after 1.39 update (after 25th July 2019) then here's a solution: (Taken from reddit)

WP How to fix “Error establishing a database connection”

If you get the following error "Error establishing a database connection" Modify your wp-config.php and add the following line:define('WP_ALLOW_REPAIR', true);Reload your website, usually...

Nextcloud change server URL on PC Client

Changing the server address in ~.local/share/data/Nextcloud/nextcloud.cfg on Linux & UserAppDataLocalNextcloudnextcloud.cfg on Windows Close nextcloud clientSearch the...
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