DeepMotion, a well-known AI-based character motion solution, has released an open beta of SayMotion, a service that generates 3D motion of a person from text!

SayMotion: Text to 3D Animation | Open Beta Now Available!

Imagine a world where creating amazing 3D animations is as easy as describing your vision.
DeepMotion’s SayMotion™ goes beyond other generative 2D AI tools to make this vision a reality. Simple text prompts (video prompts coming soon!) allows complex 3D motion to be easily generated in minutes, allowing creators to sit in the director’s chair and bring their digital actors to life with words.

Sign up for the SayMotion Open Beta:

Full browser control: requires internet connection and web browser
Enter text prompts and select characters to generate motion
Export formats: .FBX, .GLB, .BVH, or .MP4
Inpainting tools and generative AI to add, enhance, and blend animations

These services keep growing….
Is it time for a domestic one? For more details, please check the official website!

SayMotion™ by DeepMotion | Text to 3D Animation Generative AI
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DeepMotion related solutions have been introduced in the past, Animate 3D is still alive and well, but Neuron (Motion Brain) is no more…

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