So my Youtube channel got banned about three years ago, I had that channel for almost 17 years but ever since their automated system for copyright filtering, even uploading the same video split into three parts counts as three strikes and like that my channel was gone, no chance to recover, no appeal process.
After uploading tutorials to the community for free, with some of them over 1 hour long and half a million views, the channel was gone.

To my surprise, 17 years of videos is quite a lot and some of these tutorials I did date back to 2008, in a way I used youtube as a tool to teach for free and also to keep a track of my progress along the years. So no backups were made as I changed countries quite frequently.

Finding no option but to contact the copyright owner without response left me in a limbo until a few days ago that I found out this.

You can request a google takeout for your youtube content, even when you cannot login to youtube!!!

The trick if you wanna call it that way is to never cancel your google account, make sure you didn’t request a youtube account removal either. Also this works for those channels where the Google Takeout removed the Youtube option.

Then just login to the google account where you had the channel registered to, and go to this direct link:

Request your backup, setup the frequency and you’re all set!

Good luck