Researching for other project stumbled upon this (seemingly) great piece of Management software.

▹ Production Planning

Ramses helps you easily plan your production, and estimate how long you’ll need to produce your project.

For each shot and asset of the project, you’ll be able to (automatically) estimate how long it will take to produce, and Ramses will keep track of all estimations for you so you can plan accordingly.

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▹ Production Tracking

At any time, Ramses can tell you where you are in the production, how late (or not) you are, and warn you if something’s going wrong.

You can always keep a close (or overall) look at the production, and check which assets and shots are longer or shorter to produce, and the state in which they are at any time.

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▹ Pipeline automation

In combination with the Ramses Add-ons which integrate Ramses in your favorite creative software, Ramses is able to automate your pipeline, managing the versionning of the files, the exports, imports and all these manual tasks a robot could do for you.

An example: the Autodesk Maya shelf of the Ramses Maya Add-on.

With a nice and modern nodal view, it’s easy to design your pipeline, connecting each step and setting how the data should go from one step to the other. All this information will be used both by the Ramses production tracking algorithms and the Add-ons to help you focus on your real work: creation.

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