For those looking for a one click (almost solution) there’s this nifty little tool called pinokio that auto installs dependencies and environments (yeah including conda) for running web apps and python based scripts with one click install and run.


  1. Install Pinokio:
  2. Install NVIDIA CUDA 11.8:
    (Or newer)
  3. Open Pinokio and click on DISCOVER
  4. Paste the Gaussian Splatting GIT URL:
  5. Click on “One click Install with Pinokio”
  6. After Downloading everything, click on “INSTALL”, this will run the python scripts, setup the conda environment, and install almost everything needed for it.
  7. Once its done, it will pop a Command Window, before you can use it you need to run the next two commands
  8. pip install submodules\diff-gaussian-rasterization
  9. pip install submodules\simple-knn
  10. Once they are installed, you can run the normal python commands for COLMAP, Training and Viewing

There are 3 steps to follow in order to get a gaussian splat:

  1. Place your image sequence on input_data/YOURPROJECT then run the following python command:
    python -s input_data/YOURPROJECT --colmap_executable COLMAP-3.8-windows-cuda\COLMAP.bat
  2. After the COLMAP has been extracted, you gotta create the Gaussian Splat by training it with the following command:
    python -s input_data/YOURPROJECT
  3. Once the training is finished, the Gaussian Splat will be located at the folder “Output”, from there you gotta rename the last created folder to the name of YOURPROJECT, eg.
    Created folder was named “de225777-e” at “output”, so you gotta rename it to “YOURPROJECT”
  4. Once you renamed the folder, you can view your Gaussian Splat by running this python command:
    start viewers/bin/SIBR_GaussianViewer_app.exe . -m output\YOURPROJECT


Gaussian Splatting GITHUB PINOKIO


Remember to install CUDA 11.8 onwards

IF you get a “ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘diff_gaussian_rasterization'” Error
Download CUDA 11.8.
It should be installed according to your system, and to get whether if you have installed correctly, you can double check with this method:

Common ERRORS:

I’m getting the following error, can anyone help beyond this point (gaussian_splatting) C:\Windows\System32\gaussian-splatting>python -s data/MetalContainer
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 16, in
from gaussian_renderer import render, network_gui
File “C:\Windows\System32\gaussian-splatting\”, line 14, in
from diff_gaussian_rasterization import GaussianRasterizationSettings, GaussianRasterizer
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘diff_gaussian_rasterization’

You need to run the PIP commands within the CMD window of the pinokio after you’ve installed CUDA 11.8

Hi, you need to install the submodules in cli navigate to the root folder of this repo.
pip install submodules\diff-gaussian-rasterization
pip install submodules\simple-knn If running these produces an error then you might need to re-clone the repo with the –recursive flag
Then re-install