During many years I followed and took this course for FX animation, covers all the basics from lighting to smoke clouds and motion layering with perspective. An amazing asset that Adam Phillips has made available for free, more than 40 lessons including videos, timing sheets and .fla files to get you started on the wonderful world of 2D Animated FX.

If you feel like trying right away and don’t have a software, here’s a link to my AzDrawing version with the animation capabilities.

Bitey Castle FX Course: https://chluaid.gumroad.com/l/bcafx

AzDrawing: https://cocoalopez.com/blog/?p=1963

A spherical flame is something one may have previously thought impossible but it’s nice to know that our reality can surprise us at times.

Animated tones, rims and highlights

Extracted from Adam’s website:

The BCAFX Course is now free!

The decision to offer the course for free was not an easy one. After all, it has been helping to pay my bills for a decade! However, the price point on the course was never intended to make me rich, it was merely to support me in my personal projects, and make animation inexpensive and accessible to animators, whether they’re young, old, amateur or expert. 

Sure $20 monthly is inexpensive for a course of this calibre and depth, but it’s still a bit too much if you’re a student or hobbyist; and everything’s a subscription nowadays, we can’t keep up with them all! When you’re starting out on your animation journey, it’s important that you have access to quality learning from mentors who know what they’re talking about and have proven their skill in production. Unfortunately high quality learning from industry professionals doesn’t always come cheap.

Hopefully now that BCAFX is free, we can see more and more up-and-coming animators dedicating themselves to the craft of FX animation.