I found that is very hard to find a working link for AzDrawing.

AzDrawing is a great tool for line animation (pixel based) and sketching/drawing. The custom format is very lightweight and you can base a pipeline on it.

Here I’m sharing my custom version, I’ve translated the Japanese EXE so it’s easier to navigate within the APDView Interface.

This is the software we used to produce this teaser:

I believe this is a very nice tool for animating and back to the basics drawing. Let me know if you need any of the other tools (AzPainter or APDView) I’ve translated the EXE’s for those so you don’t have to worry about kanjis.


AZDrawing V2

Download AZDRAWING 2 Here:


APDView (Tool for viewing AZD Files)


==== Shortcuts ====
N - Activar modo de Animación (Onion Skin)
A - Ir al FRAME anterior
Z - Avanzar al Siguiente FRAME
F9 - PLAYBACK pencil test
E - Duplicar Capa
CTRL + SHIFT + D - Borrar Capa
CTRL + SHIFT + N - Nueva Capa
H - Reflejar vista
TAB - Esconder Herramientas
V - Herramienta para Mover
1 - Pluma
2 - Borrador
3 - Shading
4 - Sketch
5 - Valor Tonal
F2 - Opciones
F3 - Herramientas
F4 - Brochas y Valores
F5 - Capas