So this amazing code brings you to incorporate several landscapes onto a unlimited background, it has also been tested with interiors.

We develop a  method to generate infinite high-resolution images with diverse and  complex content. It is based on a perfectly equivariant generator with  synchronous interpolations in the image and latent spaces. Latent codes,  when sampled, are positioned on the coordinate grid, and each pixel is  computed from an interpolation of the nearby style codes. We modify the  AdaIN mechanism to work in such a setup and train the generator in an  adversarial setting to produce images positioned between any two latent  vectors. At test time, this allows for generating complex and diverse  infinite images and connecting any two unrelated scenes into a single  arbitrarily large panorama. Apart from that, we introduce LHQ: a new  dataset of 90k high-resolution nature landscapes. We test the approach  on LHQ, LSUN Tower and LSUN Bridge and outperform the baselines by at  least 4 times in terms of quality and diversity of the produced infinite  images.


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