Thanks to this post: https://www.avsforum.com/threads/lg-pf1500-stuck-in-on-off-loop.2754641/
I managed to fix my LED projector, the device suddenly began an On/Off cycle after a few minutes being turned on, with less than 7000hrs on the lamp I suspected there was something else going on but didn’t know what, to my surprise after finding the post, it turned out to be a burned Inductor.

Got it from mouser.mx “IHLP5050FDER1R0M8A” for about 7 USD, removed it from the old Inductor from PCB and soldered the new one.

To my surprise everything works great now.


Before, you can clearly see the 1R0 Inductor burnt on the top.
After the Inductor was removed and new solder was added
With the new soldered part
With the new Inductor, working great

On a side note, I noticed that the projector heats less than before, I cannot tell why however I noticed that the fans run now smoothly without having to go manually to set the energy mode to Minimum again.

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