“Holy Motors” director Leos Carax wasn’t able to accept his prize for best foreign-language film in person at the Los Angeles Film Critics Assn.’s awards on Saturday night, but the French helmer sent the following speech, which is as eccentric and surreal as the film for which he won:

“Hello, I’m Leos Carax, director of foreign-language films. I’ve been making foreign-language films my whole life. Foreign-language films are made all over the world, of course, except in America. In America, they only make non-foreign-language films. Foreign-language films are very hard to make, obviously, because you have to invent a foreign language instead of using the usual language. But the truth is, cinema is a foreign language, a language created for those who need to travel to the other side of life. Good night.”

via Foreign-language film: Leos Carax explains it all – The Vote on Variety.com.

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