Explanation of XREAL Air Button Functions

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There are three buttons on the right arm of the XREAL Air.

  • Display on/off button
  • Default brightness up button
  • Default brightness down button
r/Xreal - Explanation of XREAL Air Button Functions

In our pursuit of crafting compact and lightweight glasses while enhancing their capabilities, we’ve maximized the potential of these limited buttons. This endeavor grants our glasses expanded functionality, yet it also presents users with the challenge of memorizing these features. This conundrum fuels our ongoing commitment to discovering optimal solutions.For the sake of simplicity in memorization, I’ve compiled this post elucidating the button functions. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have any thoughts you’d like to share with us.

Button Functions

Display On/Off Button

  1. Single click

Activates or deactivates the glasses’ display.

2) Long press for about 3 seconds

Converts brightness control buttons into volume control ONLY when the XREAL Air connects to the XREAL Adapter directly.

Default brightness up button

  1. Hold for approximately 3 seconds until a beep

Switches the glasses between 2D and 3D modes. Not applicable when Beam is connected.

2) Hold for about 6 seconds until two beeps

Adjusts the glasses to operate at 120 Hz, applicable only during screen mirroring. Not recommended for Nebula or Beam usage, where the maximum supported refresh rate is 72 Hz.

Default brightness down button

  1. Hold for approximately 3 seconds until a beep

Enables DP audio passthrough when using glasses. Particularly beneficial when the XREAL Air pairs with third-party adapters that output DP audio. Not applicable when Beam is connected.


All button adjustments do not have a memory function. After re-plugging the connection, the button functions will revert to those shown in the above diagram. If you encounter difficulties during the button adjustment process, you can attempt to unplug and then plug in the glasses again before making further adjustments.