James webb telescope

I was thinking of something, the universe is 13 billion years, whereas the milky way (our galaxy) will collide with the andromeda galaxy in about 10 billion years which means that our galaxy is already halfway from it’s lifespan.

Now, it would take 400,000,000 generations of humans beginning with our generation to reach the year 10,000,002,023 (10 billion) when the collision will take place.

Considering that the birthrate of the human race, the number of humans that would have walked the earth (and probably beyond) before our galaxy disappears would be of 620,007,862,000,000 (620 trillion humans).

Theoretically, the earth surface can carry up to 10 billion people, with 8 billion people in 2023 it will still take about 200,000 years more to reach that number (with a birthrate of 17.4 per 1000 and a death rate of 8.4 per 1,000 people) which is still declining and its calculated that by the year 2100 the birthrate and death rate will match by 1 meaning that the same number of people being born will be the same number of people dying.

So despite anyone claiming that the world is ending, that the earth is dying, it wont happen anytime soon, even if we deplete the natural resources the only thing that will die is us, the earth will do just fine…

Remember these dates:
Year 10,000,002,023 “Our galaxy obliterated”
Year 202,023 “No vacancy at planet earth”

Have fun!