Tool for recoloring Nerfs (Code Coming Soon)

Radiance fields have gradually become a main representation of media. Although its appearance editing has been studied, how to achieve view-consistent recoloring in an efficient manner is still under explored. We present RecolorNeRF, a novel user-friendly color editing approach for the neural radiance field. Our key idea is to decompose the scene into a set of pure-colored layers, forming a palette. Thus, color manipulation can be conducted by altering the color components of the palette directly. To support efficient palette-based editing, the color of each layer needs to be as representative as possible. In the end, the problem is formulated as in an optimization formula, where the layers and their blending way are jointly optimized with the NeRF itself. Extensive experiments show that our jointly-optimized layer decomposition can be used against multiple backbones and produce photo-realistic recolored novel-view renderings. We demonstrate that RecolorNeRF outperforms baseline methods both quantitatively and qualitatively for color editing even in complex real-world scenes.