IDE-3D: Interactive Disentangled Editing for High-Resolution 3D-aware Portrait Synthesis

Existing 3D-aware facial generation methods face a dilemma in quality ver- sus editability: they either generate editable results in low resolution, or high quality ones with no editing flexibility. In this work, we propose a new approach that brings the best of both worlds together. Our system consists of three major components: (1) a 3D-semantics-aware generative model that produces view-consistent, disentangled face images and semantic masks; (2) a hybrid GAN inversion approach that initialize the latent codes from the semantic and texture encoder, and further optimized them for faithful reconstruction; and (3) a canonical editor that enables efficient manipulation of semantic masks in canonical view and producs high quality editing re- sults. Our approach is competent for many applications, e.g. free-view face drawing, editing and style control. Both quantitative and qualitative results show that our method reaches the state-of-the-art in terms of photorealism, faithfulness and efficiency.