So after all this round of censorship, found this amazing protocol/app that works for a P2P based video streaming. Pretty much like if Youtube and Napster had a baby and it’s called LBRY.

With normal client and web browser

Basically the protocol which is based on the blockchain (torrent, bitcoin) works as a CDN with two main providers, one is the Uploader then The host website which is Odysee. Whenever you upload a video it stays on your computer and the CDN host, then whoever watches it, stores it as well. So when the access is blocked (copyright, DMCA, censorship) since the company is based in the US, they have to block the access but they do not delete the files, just render them unaccessible by traditional means, meaning that if you get your hands on a modified client, you can still access all the blocked content.

This content cannot be removed so basically is censorship, copyright free CDN video protocol.

With the modified open source client.

Quick first upload:

Download here:

And the modified client here: