Forget about Youtube, Napster for video is here (LBRY)

So after all this round of censorship, found this amazing protocol/app that works for a P2P based video streaming. Pretty much like if Youtube...

Osamu Masuyama Background Painting Masterclass

0 English/Spanish notes with screenshots here: MASUYAMA_OSAMU_NOTES PSD FILEDownload

How to list Google Drive files on a Google Sheet

Found a way to run a script that loads all your files for a selected folder onto a google sheet, for comparing versions, checking...

Free Alternatives to Shotgun and Scalethree

Just found these two open source tools for project management and web revisioning. Read more and download here: Git: Try the live demo: Download RAMSES...

Maya Collision detection using expression node

Found this quick tutorial on twitter, but since some of the posts tend to get lost or deleted and I've lost lots of resources...

Download videos from UQLoad (error_wrong_ip)

So you've found that amazing video on your favorite streaming website, however you don't know when it will be taken down. Here's a great...

Microsoft Image Composite Editor Download

So you've been looking for Microsoft's ICE (Image Composite Editor) but microsoft links are down. Fear not, because wayback machine has the files. You can...

OLM Open Tools (Tools for After Effects/Photoshop/Maya)

This set of free tools works as a great substitute to PSOFT After Effects plugins like CelBlur, ColorReplace, etc... Feel free to check them...

Siggraph Asia Papers 2021

Can't wait for it to be released.

AJA (Asociación de animación japonesa) Libro de ejercicios

La AJA ha publicado en Marzo un libro con ejercicios para iniciarse en la industria de animación japonesa, todo desde un punto de vista...