Si ya están instalados los hotfixes KB2670838 y KB3033929 o al descargarlos de la página de windows te dice que ya están instalados hay que entrar al command prompt, llegar a la carpeta donde esta la instalación del oculus y correrlo así:

OculusSetup.exe /bypassHotfixCheck

Despues correr el instalador. Asegurarse de que tienes esos updates sino va a crear problemas al correr el oculus.

También hay más información, si instalaste el update “KB4015549”, al instalarlo bloqueaste el update KB3033929 y no te deja instalarlo, siendo parte del rollup pero sin ser visible. Si los quieres instalar manualmente no te va a dejar pues ya es parte del rollup y no se ve.

More details.

When the Windows Update KB4015549 (April Rollup) is installed, that locks out the KB3033929 required update. The KB3033929 is apparently included as part of the rollup, but is no longer visible.

It is both installed so that manually attempting to install will say it is already installed, but also not-installed, because it does not show in Installed Updates, and Oculus setup cannot see it.

That means that anybody doing complete windows updates is going to get the error message about needing the KB updates when doing Oculus install. And need to use the cmd /bypassHotfixCheck approach.

If you manually install KB3033929 and KB2670838 *before* the rollup, it all works correctly.

Otra solución, cómo buscar si ya tienes un update específico en windows

Steps I’d performed to get it to work:

First use command prompt to check if you have the required updates:
1. Open cmd.exe as administrator.

2. Type: SYSTEMINFO.exe | findstr KB2670838
example how it should look like if you have the update:

3. I could confirm I already had the KB2670838 update, but could not find the KB3033929 update.

Installation for KB2670838:

Installation for KB3033929:

4. I tried installing the KB3033929 update but the installation said it already was installed.

5. I oppened cmd.exe again but this time NOT as administrator.

6. My OculusSetup was located on a different drive so I had to type this command:

cd /d I:\Henrik\Downloads\Oculusriftruntime

7. Then I just typed the hotfix command:

OculusSetup.exe /bypassHotfixCheck