Figure it out (Figure drawing tips)

Found this website to bee pretty simple and self explantory when it comes to styling your figure drawing and simplifying the complex shapes onto...

Xkey Piano + Drivers + Red light blinking

If for some reason you rely on xkey website for information, its awful the support is non existent, therefore you have to find the...

Paintool SAI V2 Brushes

I decided to share all of the brushes we use for background, character design and painting at the studio. From pencil, markers, chartpaks, BIC...

Wacom Service Automatic Restart Tool

So you've been having issues with your wacom tablet (Intuos, Cintiq, Grapphire) :P and it stops being pressure sensitive or it just stops displaying...

VFX Apprentice 2D FX Tutorials

And then they did VFX Apprentice pack with tutorials for other fx but this bunch of tuts it's pretty hefty, plenty of good tips...

Create tileable textures online

Use this tool to turn an existing, non-tileable stochastic texture into a tileable texture, by manipulating its edges using histogram-preserving blending. It works on...

Maya Playblast Tool (MayaCapture) With GUI

Found this nice tool for playblast control in maya, its a GUI for another playblast python script. Playblast Script (MayaCapture): Playblast GUI: Make sure...

Visualize your facebook networks

So I was wondering what would my friends list would look like if represented on a node graph. Turns out there are people who...

Framed Ink 2 Book Flip Review

0 You can always download the fullhd video and use a bookmarking app like keyframe mp to mark the pages ;)

VPaint Animation Software (Like Cacani)

Just found this promising software for 2D animation, pretty similar to what Cacani does but on a more simplified and straightforward way, also this...